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Launch of DADA Associate Network: Join our Power Network and receive 10% Commission

Become an Associate and earn great benefits. Simply introduce Dada, and once the lead is qualified, receive 10% of any revenue that results.

Our unique, low-cost delivery model offers not only project support but also business consultancy and ERP/EPM/EAM systems integration. So the people plus the tools, processes and overall design & delivery strategy. The client benefits being a lean in-house team – with expert resources, delivered Just In Time and guaranteeing value. Allowing us to be more agile than a traditional consultancy.

Now you too can unlock amazing profits potential, whilst at the same time helping  clients by joining us as an Associate.

As our Associate you get 10% in revenue share for any introductions or referrals that result in revenue. And the more customers that upgrade to more advanced service plans, the more money you make. That’s not only it! If the your skills fit for the project brief then there will also be an opportunity to work within the Dada network on the opportunity you have brought to us. Increasing your potential revenue streams exponentially.

So if you are you a freelance Project Leader lacking an organisation to deliver value-added services or a Contractor needing to provide additional services to get, or keep, a project going…We are stronger as a network. We can provide that programme organisation on-call. Whilst still offering prime integrator responsibilities.

So within our network we all work with the same tools, templates and processes. We work as one. As we work as a network it allows us to take advantage of external specialists (niche firms, contractors, academics etc) to provide UK based support. Through our technology partner network you will get access to pre-sales and technical programs.

Some FAQs we have prepared in response to interest received is available here.

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