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Create quality schedules and execute them with consistent success and minimal risk. Automate the schedule submission process while adhering to your best practices.

What can you do with it? Reflect uncertainty in the BoQ to get better profitability on the projects you deliver. For example we will show you how you can use Acumen Fuse’s Risk Drivers can display the Cost Contribution Factor in a bid with Nomitech’s AI Classifier to reflect uncertainty in the production of the Take-Off & BoQ.


Work on the Right Projects at the Right Time with the Right People.

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Fill in the form below and claim your free trial license of the Acumen suite (Fuse, Risk, 360 and Touchstone) to create quality schedules, automate their submission and execute them with consistent success and minimal risk.

Reviewing Contractor’s Period End schedule submissions, as this can be a very manual exercise and has a commercial impact. Now under NEC4, in the absence of a Project Manager’s response to the submitted programme within two weeks, the Contractor can serve notice of a further week, after which the Contractor’s programme is ‘deemed accepted’ under the contract. This then has follow-on implications in claims reviews.

Watch our teaser on the Top 5️⃣ features that existing, and potentially new, Deltek customers can use to improve their schedules and risk analysis in Acumen 8.8 released in Oct ’22! .

The Acumen tool suite takes project analysis and schedule optimisation to the next level. Acumen Fuse ensures a solid, reliable project schedule in minutes, while Acumen Risk eliminates the statistical and logical challenges of typical risk models. Automatically generate schedule scenarios and make smart acceleration a reality with Acumen 360. And Acumen Touchstone fully automates the schedule submission process while adhering to your company’s quality criteria, best practices and standards.

For more information check out the On-Demand Solution Speed Session, to see how you can Automate your Schedule Review Process with Acumen Touchstone to automate your subcontractor schedule submissions and reviews, to comply with NEC Clauses 30.1 & 14.1 with Deltek Acumen Touchstone.

See why over 300k organisations globally trust Acumen to generate reliable schedule scenarios in real time, with project quality scoring and also automate the schedule submission process by watching our ON-DEMAND Webinar.


HOW DADA CAN HELP YOU • Keep mission-critical applications current • Access temporary staff when you need them • Ensure process are performing optimally • Work faster by automating processes • Improve information management • Manage cross-work streams dependencies • Better Project Controls • Establish strategic project control • Leverage new or enhanced ERP systems • Optimal disaster recovery • A low risk choice to implement solutions

Separately, we can supply you with online AXELOS P3M3 and ITIL benchmarking tool-sets. Read our “How We Can Help You” guide which goes through real every day challenges and how your projects can be delivered through our “Consultancy as a Subscription”, which provides on-demand resourcing & flexible monthly subscription packages  for services such as P6 planning, cost planning/QS, risk management, post-contract and NEC4 claims management, and 2nd Line audit/assurance support. We also offer SAP resources that can integrate your SAP and planning systems to produce the Application for Payment (AfP) efficiently, update Asset Registers and produce Period Performance.

Read our Case Studies to see how we have offered our Flexible Consulting Framework model to resolve challenges on project delivery and digital transformation. From feasibility, design and contract administration to final completion and handover: complex schedules, current budget and cost overviews, detailed contract management, order and invoice management, fee and risk management

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