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Be part of the “Consulting Firm of the Future”

We are not organised as a traditional consultancy characterised as a pyramid model with a very small number of very senior people (managing client relationships) at the top and a much larger number of junior staff doing the doing, with huge margins charged for their efforts. They only have a mix of three kinds of people, these are called “finders, minders and grinders“. Where increasingly a lot of the “grinding” is being done off-shore with an inevitable reduction in the quality of communication and customisation.

We instead work as a network. This allows us to take advantage of external specialists (niche firms, contractors, academics etc) to provide UK based support. Our subscription based resourcing strategy means our Clients can then have a lean project team with extra support readily available when they need it. However we still provide prime integrator responsibilities. So within our network we all work with the same tools, templates and processes. We work as one.

Now you too have the opportunity to be part our DADA network by joining as an Associate! Submit your cv or build your resume online.

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Optionally upload your resume for employers to view. Max. file size: 128 MB.

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