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As the pace of change accelerates, organisations continually strive to identify and leverage competitive and performance advantage from improved efficiency and delivery.

In many sectors, management models have grown in importance to become the foundation for assessing organisational capability and identifying opportunities for improvement.

P3M3 is unique in that it considers the whole system and not just the processes. It analyses: the balance between the process, the competencies of the people who operate it, the tools that are deployed to support it, and the management information used to manage delivery and improvements. You can tailor the P3M3 assessment to meet the needs of your organisation and it can be deployed in multiple ways.

P3M3 is a management maturity model that looks across an entire organisation .

How we can help you?

DADA Enterprises is an Axelos Consulting Partner. Our assessors are licensed under Axelos Limited’s accreditation scheme, having undertaken training and testing of the P3M3 maturity model and have demonstrated an ability to provide the basis for the development of an improvement plan to help you to be more effective in delivering change and transformation. We can help you independently assess your organisation’s portfolio, programme and project management capability, identify what capability you want in the future, and how to get there by:

  • base-lining your current capability (for later comparison);
  • benchmarking your capability against other organisations;
  • determining which areas to concentrate on;
  • diagnosing systemic weaknesses to eliminate root causes and costs of non-conformance;
  • prioritising improvement initiatives; and
  • certifying your capability.

How will your organisation benefit?

The intuitive digital tool will provide a standardised scoring structure and give you data visualisations to allow you to benchmark your organisation’s maturity level and compliance.


P3M3 provides three maturity models that can be used separately to focus on specific areas of the business, or more generally to help your organisation assess the relationships between portfolios, programmes and projects. The P3M3 approach benefits the organisation by providing a proven, integrated vision of improvement. This integrated approach leads to decreased costs and improvements in on-time delivery, productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction.

P3M3 framework is comprised of three different models:

  • Portfolio management
  • Programme management
  • Project management

Each one of these is structured into five maturity levels to benchmark their current performance for improvement:

  • Level 1: awareness of process
  • Level 2: repeatable process
  • Level 3: defined process
  • Level 4: managed process
  • Level 5: optimised process

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Ready to take a full or self-assessment? Get in touch to discuss your project control challenges and needs with our experts to achieve consistent project success.

Read our Case Studies to see how we have offered our Flexible Consulting Framework model to resolve challenges on project delivery and digital transformation. From feasibility, design and contract administration to final completion and handover: complex schedules, current budget and cost overviews, detailed contract management, order and invoice management, fee and risk management 

HOW DADA CAN HELP YOU • Keep mission-critical applications current • Access temporary staff when you need them • Ensure process are performing optimally • Work faster by automating processes • Improve information management • Manage cross-work streams dependencies • Better Project Controls • Establish strategic project control • Leverage new or enhanced ERP systems • Optimal disaster recovery • A low risk choice to implement solutio

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