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IT problems solved. Consultancy expertise at contractor prices. Solutions guaranteed.

Who we are

Dada Enterprises’ helps organisations to improve project success. Dada Enterprises is an expert in implementing and integrating enterprise project control systems. We cover the complete project lifecycle to deliver customer outcomes with minimum risk, on time and budget. Our Practice areas cover (a) Project & Programme Management, (b) Communications, Training and Personal Development, and (c) Organisational Transformation & Change Management so we can address any challenges and cover all aspects of a change.

Your critical Projects completed on time, delivered to budget, whatever help you need.

  • Plan, Problem Solve

  • Get expert help & insight to plan your next project. Problem solving by project experts: speed optimised, costs reduced.
  • Deliver Projects

  • Project Management, Systems Integration & Staffing. Our specialist tools and on-site staff help you deliver to KPIs. Guaranteed.
  • Business Automation

  • Automate Key Business Processes. Cut form-filling, boost productivity, transparency & ROI using our program team.
  • On-Demand Resourcing

  • Managed Project Staff with Specialist Skills. Get the mission-critical resources you need, when you need them. No long contracts or commitments.


Why we are different:-

  • Full project management, staffing and software integration solution
  • Low cost delivery by experienced technical team
  • Guaranteed pricing and delivery
  • Flexible monthly plan: no contracts

Customisable Excellence For Less

Dada Enterprises helps revolutionise businesses by embedding organisational change, managing innovation, and increasing speed-to-value. Our Portfolio, Programme and Project Management (P3M3) and ERP Project Control systems specialists love transforming a tangled web of problems into streamlined and efficient processes for our customers. Our pragmatic approach, flexible staffing model and focus on building internal client capabilities, together drive successful solutions to cross-industry challenges such as:

Organisational Transformation & Change Management

Strategy Execution

The focus, planning and delivery to realise strategic goals

Offering Software Licensing & Maintenance Plus Access To New Software Releases/enhancements

Cost & Complexity Reduction

Streamlined operations, reducing cost and complexity

Help Design, Plan, Develop, And Deploy Visual Analytics And Business Intelligence Solutions

Accelerated Innovation & Product Development

Reducing time-to-market and supporting innovation

ERP/EPM/EAM Systems Integration To Paperless Business Automation: Digitising Key Business Processes

Business Change Enabled by Technology

Delivering IT and ERP implementations and managing change

Communications, Training & Personal Development To On-Demand Resourcing

Delivering M&A Value

Supporting integration during corporate restructuring

Diverse industry expertise within our team allows cross-industry optimised practices to be brought to each engagement through a customised approach that meets our clients’ needs every time. Our core service offerings include: change management, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), program leadership, enterprise project delivery and ERP system integration.

Our Clients

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Flexible Consulting Framework

An expansive portfolio of business solutions are delivered through our flexible consulting framework model with customisable business packages, much like a subscription. Unlike traditional consultancy, this approach offers an economical and responsive way to support any size of project, programme or portfolio.

Do you need performance reviews to optimise existing functions, or temporary ad-hoc support? Our Starter Package could be ideally suited. Perhaps you need to implement a new technical application or improve visibility across an existing one? Our Premium Package may provide the answer. Finally, there is our Enterprise Package, providing bespoke support for company-wide ERP implementations or organisational change. Whichever you choose, the benefits of our subscription model are clear: a blanket Service Order where the resource mix responds proactively to changes in your business demands.

How Dada Enterprises Can Help

Which Package Suits You?

Starter Package icon

Starter Package

Optimise existing functions.

Premium Package icon

Premium Package

Extend visibility and intelligence.

Enterprise Package icon

Enterprise Package

Implement organisational change.

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