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DADA Exhibiting at PMO Conference 2018

DADA Enterprises are delighted to be exhibiting at the PMO Conference 2018.

Join us and other PMO Directors, Heads of P3O, PMO Managers, Programme Managers, PMO Analysts and PMO support practitioners learning the latest PMO tools, techniques and will feature a number of exceptional and influential speakers. 

Join us at St Paul’s in London and don’t forget to visit us at Stand 18. ✔

Did you know a recent National Audit Office (NAO) report on projects in the management of complex building construction and engineering services showed that only 55% of projects were delivered within budget. 

Now you can benefit from a free audit and analysis to deal with these issues addressed from the start – and it’s free. A comprehensive assessment which you can use either internally, or with an existing consultancy, or with us. It is your choice.

You will receive:

  1. Get our free summary guide on why projects fail; what goes wrong, who is affected and how to avoid the most common problems
  2. Receive a summary high-level assessment of the key dimensions of your project
  3. Project Charter to enable you to scope out the project, and identify  and conceptualise the key issues
  4. An Action Plan, so you know “the underlying problems we found in your business and the planned actions that we can take forward and do” Can you afford not to know your choices and options for saving money and completing on time?

Watch our short video on how you can ‘Future Proof’ your projects ➡️ Our Flexible Consulting Framework model combines both extra staffing and software tools to support your in-house team. It gives you a low cost option, with minimal commitment. It’s an ideal solution where you need extra support – but want to avoid the big ticket costs and contract commitments of using consultancies – and without having to micro-manage a contractor as we also take care of the implementation strategy for you.

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