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On-Demand Webinar: Project Portfolio Management (PPM). Rich reporting with the push of a button

Organisational complexity builds an intricate web of dependencies that can snare even the most experienced project leader. Senior management look for status reports to understand which projects and what problems to focus attention on. However senior management spend more of their time working out why these reports vary in their analysis and do not give them the information they want.

However many company systems and processes come about organically through companies solving urgent problems in an ad hoc manner. The inevitable result is slow, error-prone manual processes develop. They become embedded in your organisation as the way things have always been done, creating a future barrier to change.

Companies just get by through a combination of ‘Glue & Popsicle sticks’ solutions using extracts from various systems, to try to pull together to provide an integrated view of the organisation. However these solutions involve lots of manual work-arounds with re-keying data into multiple systems. Inevitably some reports developed in one system do not align with reports from another team. Then, rather than senior management focusing their time solving strategic problems they spend their time working out why these reports vary in their analysis.

“Get insight into your projects and portfolios with turn-key solutions without manual re-keying data across systems”

In this video tutorial we shall ‘quickly’ explain what value can be added to your company from standardised portfolio reporting tools combining source data from different systems.

Learning points that you will get from this video tutorial

  • How Project Portfolio Management (PPM) gives companies a “bird’s eye” view of upcoming, current and past projects.
  • Real-life examples of best Practices for PPM reporting focusing on Variance and Exceptions.
  • How to write a Report Specification to get Automated Portfolio Status reporting, combining source data from different systems.
  • An overview as to which Cost Control solutions can be supplied though PPM reporting.

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