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A practical guide to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Although much has been written on Artificial Intelligence (AI), few have moved those Infrastructure Project Managers who are building the highways, railways, fighter jets, nuclear stations, homes and offices which we need. You know the PMs I mean, the ones who build something in the real world, do something special we all need but never really worry how it’s done.

So let’s put ourselves in their positions, with real-life important problems to solve, how could we do it, fast, economically and deliver value on the ground…

Rise of the Robots

Think about how much time is spent filling in Work Package Plans (WPP) and Construction Phase Plans (CPP) with essential information on whom to report to on-site, safety procedures, possession limits, isolation limits and construction timetable sequence. This information has to be sorted, sifted, copied and pasted between different documents for each site. The same has to be done with a new office starter to let them know who their team is, who are the important stakeholders, office safety procedures, accounting procedures.

Now imagine if rather that all this sorting and sifting, cutting and pasting, you can automate your processes and workflows whilst at the same time allowing for mass customisation.

Connect people, content, data and systems, in a few clicks.

Automating workflows can keep everything running on schedule

By automating processes, you can ensure appropriate review and reduce the risk of internal fraud and better manage cash flow

When projects get stuck in the approval process, it can lead to missed deadlines, poor customer service, and other bottlenecks for downstream projects

Ready to automate your processes?

Dada makes quick work of “what goes where,” so the systems that keep your company moving move even faster. We’ve already created template workflows to help you manage performance, produce the Application for Payment, monitor Fee Schedules and manage site construction issues.

We’ve already developed useful commercial & construction forms (e.g. Early Warnings, Site Inspections) to to give you a head-start in managing your projects on the go

Use the Dada App platform to connect people, content, data and systems, in a few clicks

See the Dada App platform in action and put commercial and construction process in its place with automatic workflows to support the planning, execution, and completion of capital projects


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