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Enterprise Project Management (EPM) interface design to deliver £500 million a year Capex spend

The solution at UK Power Networks (UKPN) implemented new systems which were integrated with UKPN’s Asset Management, Projects Delivery, Cost Estimating solutions and Risk management functions. Dada Enterprises joined Enzen to deliver real business transformation to UK Power Networks through their combined expertise in complex portfolio, program and project management. The systems solution covered the implementation of SAP CRM, SAP PS/PM and integrating this ERP solution for Cost/Asset Management with an Oracle ERP solution for Projects Delivery and Contract Management through Primavera Unifier and Nomitech Cost OS. As such the Enterprise Application Management delivered Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Application Integrated (EAI) and Business Intelligence (BI).

Blue print delivery was a key customer confidence measure which released a blocked payment for Enzen.


UK Power Networks runs and maintains the electrification network in the South-East, East of England and London. UK Power Networks invests more than £500 million a year in its networks through its Capital Programme and Procurement directorate. The Enterprise Application Management portfolio solution delivered for UK Power Networks covers.

The Dada Enterprises Advantage

The key success factors for UK Power Networks  was to manage the investment of more than £500 million a year in its networks through its Capital Programme and Procurement directorate.


  • An integrated reporting solution for realistic forecasting of schedules, budgets, cost and asset volumes reporting
  • ERP product identification, evaluation, selection, design, implementation and production support
  • Improved program and project management maturity
  • The solution covered 2 ERP systems and 9 Application modules across 8 interfaces
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Key Services

  • Project, program and project portfolio management (P3M) consulting
  • EPM tool set upgrade (Primavera 8.6 to 15.3)
  • Oracle to SAP interface design, build and test
  • Oracle to Nomitech Cost OS interface design, build and test
  • SAP Project Systems (PS) configuration
  • SAP/Oracle Blue Printing and integration
  • Cultural change across business functions
  • Post-implementation support model, script development, data migration and testing activities
  • Security & Authorizations

Client Testimonial

As the Primavera experts, Dada Enterprises managed business integration activities for the Primavera system covering process design, training and data migration. Uniquely they also had the depth of expertise and resources to also cover testing scripts developments, technical interfaces and systems integration activities.”

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