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Join us at APMG’s podcast on “How to achieve an Agile Mindset”

DADA will be a panellist on APMG International‘s Level Up episode on Monday 12th June focusing on the topic “How to achieve an Agile Mindset?”

Here, we discussed how companies can scale Agile from a software development team to a large programs of work that is not software related using practices from Lean, ITSM Frameworks and the Institution of Civil Engineers’ (ICE) Project 13. We examined how the 12 Principles from the Agile Manifesto can be applied to large infrastructure projects. You can see how best practices can still be adopted under your existing project governance, using hybrid portfolios including both Waterfall and Agile delivery reporting.

Remember you can download your FREE copy of our E-Book on Moving Towards Agile Project Delivery For Large Infrastructure Projects here.

Here, we joined attendees other esteemed panellists like Adrian Pyne, author of the Amazon best-seller “Agile Beyond IT” which was selected as a finalist at the 2023 Business Book Awards. As special offer, DADA have arranged signed copies – with a dedication if you wish – available from Adrian directly, free of delivery charges in the UK for £25.

Please contact Adrian Pyne directly quoting “DADA” to claim your special offer.

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