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BREXIT : How ready are you?

Brexit will expose 145,000 traders to Customs formalities for the first time creating an additional 200 million declarations per year.  How, when and where you submit those declarations is the key to achieve the smoothest UK-EU-UK supply chain post-Brexit. How ready are you? Do you know the significance of the following sequence :   EORI / EAD / EXS / (NCTS) / ENS / C88 / DAN? If not, you might not be as prepared as you thought. Help is at hand. DADA used this flashcard as part of an initial Brexit Readiness Audit. You can use our monthly subscriptions give you access to a pool of talent accredited in Customs procedures WCO (World Customs Organisation) qualifications in respect of rules of origin. Our fixed monthly packages can be stopped at any time and you’ll automatically receive:
  1. Brexit road-map
  2. Personalised Readiness schedule
  3. Cross border movement and VAT guidance (covering UK VAT, EORI, Commodity codes and deferment, IPR/OPR assessment, Authorised Economic Operator status)
…and more!
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