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On-Demand Webinar: Integrate ERP systems to deliver effective Cost Management

Does your existing ERP solution manage costs and risks? Does it enable the automatic transfer of data between the between multiple ERP systems to improve performance and recovery of costs? Often the answer is: no.

No longer. Integrating enterprises systems data eliminates the duplication of data, manual data inputting and the inevitable errors that come with this.

Companies get by through with a combination of ‘Glue & Popsicle sticks’ solutions. Everyone chips in each month using lots of extracts from various systems to pull together an integrated view of the organisation and projects for strategic decision-making.

Start your infrastructure projects with a clear understanding of how you want all of your systems to be integrated to deliver your projects.

This video shows the business perspective and benefit of an integration of enterprise systems like the exchange of: master data, structures, networks as well as dynamic data like forecast work, cost revenues & budgets, time postings and actual costs.

Learning points that you will get from this video tutorial

  • The benefits from integrating your enterprise systems together
  • The components of a Project Controls Solution / Cost Management System
  • How to define the ‘right’ solution for your own company
  • The contents of a System’s Blue Print and how it is used
  • The steps involved in a successful ERP implementation
  • Example of potential systems integrations and data flows
  • The components of a successful Change Management strategy

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