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Construction Insight: Key issues to be aware of for Q1 FY2017

Having extensive experience helping rail, nuclear, utility, oil and gas companies with portfolio, program and project management solutions, delivered on multiple engagements we have taken stab at highlighting some key issues to get construction and engineering organisations Q1 FY2017 ready. We have also highlighted some key project updates in the Rail sector which would affect the wider supply chain.

Here below are key project updates as well taxation, employment, technical issues to be aware of…

 Companies that fail to address pay differences between male and female employees will be highlighted in new league tables under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. They will need to start calculating the pay gap from April 2017 – 12 months ahead of the first tables being published. The regulations will affect about 8,000 employers across the UK. Under the plans announced those with more than 250 employees will be forced to reveal the number of men and women in each pay range to show where pay gaps are at their widest. Latest figures suggest that women in the UK still earn on average 20% less than men.
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Digital Built Britain, first announced in the 2016 budget, will deliver reductions in whole-life costs and carbon emissions, whilst improving productivity and capacity by using intelligent building information models, sensing technology and secure data and information infrastructure.

“The challenge for the year ahead and beyond is to take a default ‘go digital’ approach and move away from ‘one-off’ examples of digital best practice to a business-as-usual attitude to digital”.

In particular, Digital Built Britain will look at:

  • Providing departmental support and British Standards for BIM Level 2
  • Increased international trade and opportunities for growth for UK companies
  • Development of BIM Level 3 programme
  • Cyber security
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