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Development of interactive e-learning guides

To build on our web conferencing abilities and further enhance our support model portal Dada Enterprises can now provide interactive learning guides to help the build-up to a successful systems implementation or transformation. These interactive learning guides such as Adobe Captivate, whether web-based or PDF, are to check through the training delivery to see whether end users are absorbing the key process points and system key strokes which are required to perform the job in operational mode.

This will allow Dada Enterprises consultants, trainers and Associates to build a robust and cost-effective support portal.

We believe greater leveraging of interactive learning in the sphere of Project Controls systems would allow companies to convert existing information into formats that would:

  • Make the information learner friendly
  • Make the learning sticky


What more is possible with Interactive PDFs?

  1. Potential useful for varied segments
  • We have used Interactive PDFs as effective learning aids successfully for our customers in Banking, Finance and Insurance sectors extensively.


  1. Fits in for most information types
  • The initial buy-in is to convert Policies, Procedures, Guidelines (and other lengthy documents).


  1. Can add significant value in instances like:
  • We have used it to create Online Help documents.

We have brought in visual punch and done intuitive, easy-to-use content layering and integrated other assets (like webinars, videos and supporting information) in creating interesting supplements to Induction programs.

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