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Launch of Web Video Support Portal

Launch of Web Video Support Portal

In an effort to continue to enhance our delivery to customers Dada Enterprises has launched a new web portal which allows for on-line stream VideoWhisper Script Installation. This will allow Dada Enterprises consultants, trainers and Associates to train and coach end users both while in delivery mode and through the winding down support model.

The reduced reliance on expensive travel without losing the high value face-to-face interactions will allow us to reduce our through costs to customers. The software VideoWhisper Script also allows for transcripts of the discussions between Dada Consultants and end-clients to allow transparency to the customer and provide an invaluable reference post the web training module.

Software generates a room link that is sent to the other person using any method (email/text messenger/sms). By using that link both parties get instantly face to face on big video panels. No downloads required. All is browser based and works on almost any platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux). Parties can also meet at any scheduled time.

This is a great tool for your business or even to start a new business or service.

  • have meetings on short notice with individuals in faraway places
  • conduct sales presentations without travelling
  • manage employees remotely when you are not in the office
  • bring any partner or specialist employee virtually to any meeting you physically attend to
  • demonstrate products and software without travelling
  • train customers, partners and employees on remote locations
  • have employees work from home even if they are on another continent
  • communicate from many business airlines that provide internet while mobiles are not functional
  • talk face to face to new employees or business partners from far away locations before doing any travelling
  • communicate face to face from anywhere you find an internet connection for your laptop
  • remote professional consultations and advice
  • avoid dangerous or just boring locations and persons
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