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Project delays, financial penalties and high consultants’ fees – are these problems that you face in delivering complex projects on time and to budget?

It’s lack of resources and specific project experience that’s often the problem. The sheer number of management revisions causes frustration; projects take too long and use up more resources than they should.

So what can you do today?

An increasing number of companies are taking proactive steps to increase process performance in 7 key areas of management. Here we invite you to take a short 5 minute survey on this topic.

What do you get out of it

In return you will receive a free personalised snapshot of your “Organisation at a Glance” and a benchmark report of the research findings. All survey responses will be kept confidential.

The benefits of receiving an “Organisation at A Glance” personalised report is that it will give you a Clear Roadmap on: 

  1. How you can measure your organization’s level of maturity in managing projects, programmes and portfolios
  2. What level of maturity is needed by your organisation to be successful
  3. Which improvements will deliver the best value for money

The benefits of receiving this personalised report is that it will allow your company to increase success, maximise return and avoid over investment.

Start the survey now

Visit our download centre to obtain free tools to manage your projects

 Can you afford not to know your choices and options for saving money and completing on time?

What can you do today?

  • Here is a free resource: our download centre is an archive of unique tools to resolve some of the big project headaches, so you know what to expect from us.
  • This is a link to some true stories, case studies of how we met key project challenges on time, to budget. I suggest you start with this short intro video: a guide on why projects fail and how to avoid the pitfalls – based on long experience!
  • Contact us today to arrange a call. We will then organise a meeting or Skype call to review the audit and how it can help your organisation.
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