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The Construction Playbook

The Construction Playbook is focused on getting projects and programmes right from the start. Whether the delivery or refurbishment of a school, hospital or major infrastructure project, the principles and policies in this Playbook will transform how we assess, procure…

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IPA Project Routemap (Risk Management Module)

The IPA is the centre of expertise for infrastructure and major projects, sitting at the heart of government and reporting to the Cabinet Office and HM Treasury in the UK. The Project Routemap is the Infrastructure and Projects Authority’s (IPA)…

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Statistical PERT™ (SPERT™) Estimation Worksheet

To use this template, enter a 3-point estimate for any bell-shaped uncertainty, then choose a subjective opinion about the most likely outcome. Examine the SPERT probabilistic estimates for various confidence levels, and choose any planning estimate you want. This version…

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