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P13 Data & Digital Principles for Project Success

The P13's Data and Digital Principles for Project Success are intended as core propositions or ‘basic truths’, to be used to guide thinking and behaviour in project delivery. They are intended to sit alongside the Infrastructure & Project’s Authority Principles for Project Success. Designed as short, memorable headlines unpacked by supporting bullets: a quick guide for practitioners on things to get right for any project to succeed. The eight principles were developed following consultation with project professionals across the Infrastructure Client Group and Project 13 Adopter stakeholders and beyond.

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Transforming Infrastructure Performance: Roadmap to 2030

Transforming Infrastructure Performance: Roadmap to 2030 sets out a vision for innovation and reform in infrastructure delivery.

The purpose of Transforming Infrastructure Performance is to transform how government and industry intervene in the built environment to drive a step change in infrastructure performance. 

Since launching TIP in 2017 there has been considerable progress in improving infrastructure performance in design and construction. This Roadmap to 2030 builds on that success and goes further to encompass the challenges of delivering infrastructure in the context of net zero and the wider requirements of society to balance building with the natural environment.

The Roadmap to 2030 presents a vision for the future where we collectively prioritise the societal outcomes we need, and use data, technology and improved delivery models to achieve them through our interventions in the built environment.

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