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DADA exhibiting at ACostE’s 2023 Conference

Open to both ACostE Members, and non-members alike.  So no excuses – join us at the ACostE’s 2023 conference being held over two days, 5th & 6th July at the Birmingham City University (BCU). The Conference will cover some pillars of our professional skill set; Cost/Resource Engineering, and Project Controls, as well as wider industry challenges such as de-carbonisation and adding Social Value.

Across the two days, the conference will host a series of short practical workshops and formal presentations.

Throughout both days of the conference, the ACostE will be conducting exclusive interviews with select speakers for the ACostE Podcast, offering valuable insights and behind-the-scenes perspectives. Additionally, ACostE will be introducing the Human Library section, where you can engage with experts in one-on-one conversations and gain personalised knowledge from their experiences.
Download the full overview of the value you can expect from the 2 days
Read an abstract of our 2022 ACostE presentation on digitising nuclear procedures using AI/ML and Natural Language Processing (NLP) as featured in Project Control Professional Magazine.Read our ACostE 2023 presentation synopsis on how existing Oracle Primavera and Aconex customers can turn their project data into predictive intelligence by creating a Oracle Smart Construction Platform.

Featured Speakers

Trevor Jay will be presenting “How right is that feeling in my bones?”

In this presentation, he will show how we worked with one of Risk Decision’s Clients to successfully bid a National Highways project to enhance a trunk road junction.

Using an anonymised case study, Trevor will demonstrate how Monte Carlo Analysis was used to harness and enhance the expertise to enable effective risk and uncertainty conversations.

Carolyn Browning and Simon Taylor will be discussing “Raising the bar for Project Controls”.

Working together, Simon and Carolyn, are leading the collaboration between the ACostE and Association for Project Management (APM) on a new publication on Project Controls in the 21st Century. Working together means this comprehensive guide will be authored by seasoned practitioners from diverse industries and backgrounds within project controls, making it a highly valuable resource.

Dr Uchenna Daniel Ani is a Computer Scientist and Cyber Security Expert. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the IET Project Controls Network.

He will be presenting “Digitisation, Emerging Security Challenges, and Workforce Competency for Controls”.

This talk aims to highlight the emerging security challenges of digitisation from a business operations and project controls perspective, and ways to address the issues

Joao Dias, from Laminar Projects, will be presenting Enhancing Construction Contracts: unveiling the neglected Qualitative Components and the importance of a Project Control Plan in order to ensure that the Qualitative components are included in Construction Contracts, and adopted correctly and widely.

Joao’s commitment to professional development is demonstrated through his role as Elected Director for AACE International Europe & Africa. 

Flávio Meneses is a Managing Consultant with LogiKal and cofounder of the Birmingham Power BI Meetup. He specialises in implementing Business Intelligence solutions that allow projects to monitor Key Performance Indicators and make vital business decisions, grounded on facts rather than gut feeling. In the real world, data is rarely perfect so he focuses on setting up robust systems to structure it right and eliminate repetitive, manual tasks through automation. Flavio’s will be discussing ‘Building modern Project Controls systems with Power Business Intelligence’.

Andrew Langridge will be discussing Cost and Carbon Estimating – There is no ‘do nothing’ option!

The presentation will review the current global warming challenges and the impact of construction on global warming. According to recent reports, the construction industry is responsible for 39% of the world’s carbon emissions. However, the construction industry can play a significant role in reducing carbon emissions and this starts with understanding what we need to measure. Learn how…there’s no Planet B!

Gary Hill is responsible for developing the Cost Management Group within the Submarine Delivery Agency and is charged with building and Estimating, Cost Engineering and Modelling capability.

Gary will be discussing “The mission:- To build a self-sustaining and enduring Cost Engineering and Estimating capability in three years.”

Helber Macedo, CCP, MACostE is a Global Commercial Operations Manager – Costing at Baker Hughes, working with Subsea Projects in the Oil & Gas Industry. With over one million views from 200 LinkedIn posts, Helber will be presenting “Contingency and Management Reserve: Definition and Methodology”. The presentation aims to show the concept’s definitions, correlated concepts (uncertainty, Risk, and allowance), and the differences between contingency and management reserve.

Maddy (Madeleine) Sears is a Project, Programme & Portfolio consultant for Costain, having spent her early career in the Rail industry. Maddy will be presenting “Making the change stick – don’t be too WEIRD”.

WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich, Democratic) people make up 12% of the worlds population. However, it is often overlooked is how variable human cognition and behaviour can be based on culture, society and environment.

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