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Dada Enterprises appointed as Partner to Deltek

End of Year Sale – ALL Deltek PPM Tools at 10% Off for the month of December!

Do you need to create quality schedules, improve project execution, reduce risk, accelerate projects and be confident in your ability to deliver?

If you have been thinking about taking the plunge, and purchasing one of Deltek’s Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools, now is the time. For the month of December, exclusively through our Partner referral, all of Deltek’s  Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions are 10% off.

A Deltek certified consultant will get in touch with FREE 1-on-1 workshop on the different parts of Deltek’s Integrated Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) suite that is right for you.

Now, you can attain robust earned value management, scalable scheduling, advanced risk analysis, and workflows, to help improve your project success.

Use our exclusive coupon code ‘DADA10%_EoY_Discount.

Use our interactive dashboard to deep-dive challenges you are facing. Select the key solution required, and see a worked demo solution.

Even if you are an existing Deltek customer, you can still use our exclusive discount code to extend your purchase, by adding one of the following:
  • Open Plan: Enterprise scheduling and resource management, similar to MS Project Server, to facilitate realistic planning with multi-project support, through rapid data entry, analysis and  flexible reporting on project status updates.
  • Acumen Fuse/Risk/360: Diagnostics to ensure project plans are structurally sound, realistic, and optimised forensic comparisons. Acumen Risk models risks to determine the impact of schedule delays on project cost estimates. Analyse risks and assess plans to ensure benefits. Acumen 360 adjusts acceleration rates and compression order. Create multiple versions of schedules to weigh different options. Calibrate duration by modelling changes.
  • Acumen +Touchstone: automatically evaluates periodic schedule submittals. and emails scores to notify Stakeholders of results for quick feedback helps submitters fix issues and resubmit. This helps to comply with NEC4 requirements to submit Project Manager’s response to the submitted programmes within 3 weeks. Otherwise the Contractor’s programme is ‘deemed accepted’ in assessing claims.
  • Cobra: Cost management and compliance with ANSI/EIA-748 supported EVM capabilities
  • PM Compass: The one-stop portal or “Command Centre” for your portfolio, programs and projects. Define and enforce your optimal business workflows for transparency. Integrate project control tools. Workflows capture updates; dashboards show status.
  • wInsight Analytics: Drill down analysis and reporting to show trends over time.

Remember that our Partner referral discount code expires at the end of December.
So, to get your 10% discounted rate, take the plunge now!
Use our coupon code ‘DADA10%_EoY_Discount’.

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