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Navigating the next horizon with 37 world-class futurists

Aftershocks and Opportunities 2

What are the forces, developments, emerging ideas, issues, risks, and opportunities that could shape our post-pandemic world. Across seven sections and 40 chapters, Rohit Talwar’s new book on the next horizon, that he has co-written with 37 world class futurists try to explain just that. As a past speaker at DADA’s Round Table event at the Institute of Directors (IoD), we are happy to share this new key work.

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Across the book’s seven sections and 40 chapters, authors from as far and wide as the UK, USA, Argentina, Australia, Egypt, Greenland, Kenya, and the UAE, the book presents key “future defining” themes, critical shifts on the horizon, and diverse scenarios. The topics covered range from the rise and impact of the crypto economy, the reinvention of travel, and the impact of digital eco-systems, through to sustainable food production, generational reactions to the pandemic, and the recovery of the Caribbean and Africa. The goal is to give individuals, leaders, decision makers, governments, and organisations a broad horizon scan of critical future factors that might shape our world over the next five to ten years and beyond.

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ROHIT TALWAR, an award winning futurist speaker
Profiled as one the top ten global future thinkers by the Independent newspaper, Rohit is an award winning futurist speaker, entrepreneur, specialist advisor and strategic change agent and founder of foresight consultancy and publishing house Fast Future. 

As a past keynote speaker at the Association of Project Management (APM) London 2018 Conference, Rohit recently gave the key note speech on “Shifts, Shocks, Opportunities, and Risks on the Horizon” at the TransVision Global Future Summit 2021 summit.

Seven Central Themes

Following the opening chapter which explores some of the critical shifts and disruptions shaping the next five to ten years, the book is divided into seven sections. Our hope is that they will provide insight, perspective, and the motivation to act for citizens, civil society, businesses, and governments across the globe:

Economics and Business: explores the new economic landscape, explains the rise of the crypto economy, discusses the potential for positive change and the value of foresight in business, outlines the leadership skills and organizational capabilities required to navigate a new landscape, and discusses how we can plan for retirement in the post-pandemic era.

The Global Operating Environment: examines scenarios for post-pandemic politics and conflicts, discusses the potential societal implication of this intense period of disruption, explores the paths that individuals, societies, and nations can choose to pursue, and examines the risks and opportunities that lie ahead as we make these choices.

Regional and National Futures: presents bold, fascinating, and truly inspiring perspectives on how to regenerate the regional economies of Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific, and highlights how the pandemic-ravaged and struggling Greek economy can reboot itself.

Society and Lifestyles: discusses what “new normal” futures might actually mean, how the pandemic has boosted individual responsibility for our physical wellbeing, and the generational impact of the disruption we’ve just experienced. The potential benefits and drawbacks of health passports are outlined along with the lasting impacts of social distancing and the downsides of increasing societal surveillance by governments.

Sectoral Futures: looks at the implications of the pandemic and post-disruption recovery strategies for insurance, sustainable agriculture, the broader food sector, urban mobility, travel, and education.

Innovation and Technology: lays out key dimensions of how science and technology can drive the accelerated pursuit opportunities and innovation in a world now more open to fundamental change and transformation. Particular focus is placed on digital architectures and ecosystems, developing digital mindsets, rethinking the innovation agenda, virtual presence, connected communities, and the link between technology and sustainability.


The book, Future Frameworks concludes with three practical frameworks that can act as reference guides and checklists. These explore a diverse range of emerging opportunities and risks and lay out a timeline of critical technologies that could enter the commercial environment in the next one to ten years and beyond. This section also provides a closing set of critical questions for individuals, civil society leaders, businesses, investors, and governments as we seek to plan our individual, societal, and organizational futures.

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