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What Project Controls Cost Management system should I buy?

Does your job involve preparing Application for Payments (AfP) or Earned Value Performance Reports, Financial Close Out positions or Retentions payments? Is this a challenge each time and involves reconciliations of different data extracts in different formats from different systems? Does Senior Management actually understand the challenge and do they actually believe and use your reports?

There is a clear benefit to integrating your enterprise systems to deliver your projects the problem is there is so many competing PPM and Project Controls solutions out there ~ all which say they are the best and they’re all you will ever need. It is always a battle to get the purchase through Procurement and IT. Then after you buy the (perpetual, subscription) licenses as Financial Controller you find you need an additional add-on or it does not produce the same report you could in Excel which everyone liked and the whole cycle begins again…

Here DADA has given a brief overview of the Project Controls lifecycle as well as deep-diving specific Cost Control tool-sets such as Ecosys, Ares Prism and Deltek Cobra. Here we explain the tools-sets not from a glossy brochure perspective but what it actually means to run these tool-sets at a daily practitioner level.

It is inevitably better to have one of our Directors talk you through the presentation and talk about some of the issues raise – so DON’T BE SHY – it won’t cost anything. Contact us to talk through the ideas discussed and explore the ideas.

To download the presentation itself feel free to use the link below.

**REMEMBER** As this is a PowerPoint Show it is best to download a local copy and then open this local copy and view the file for the animation to work.

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