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You may not realise how much of your day is taken up by dealing with ad hoc processes, without ever tying back into your own systems, losing information and often having to repeat steps.

Our work lives are now more demanding than ever… We cope by gluing ad-hoc processes and systems together. That’s not right.

Managing your human capital takes an elaborate set of processes and procedures. Much of which has come about organically, responding to new joint ventures, emergency resourcing requirements, safety incidents and the latest legislation.

50% of HR departments’ time is spent processing employee information

HR is a very “paper-heavy” function with different forms for different processes. From gathering all the necessary documentation, drafting and signing contracts and on-boarding the new team member; a huge amount of time is spent on processing information and re-keying the data into multiple forms and systems.

40% of their time is spent on administrative work – either re-entering data from one system to another, or on other tasks

Take the challenge

If you can answer “yes” to one or more of the below questions, you are looking at a process with automation potential which can reduce error rates and significantly decreases process cycle times.

  1. Do routine tasks fall over because of holidays?
  2. Is there a lack of common processes?
  3. Can’t your processes cope with ad hoc requests?
  4. Is there a lack of integration with other systems?
  5. Does everything take too long?
  6. Do you have any “paper heavy” processes?

If you did answer “Yes” then click here or the video below to see simple steps which can reduce error rates and significantly decreases process cycle times.

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