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Dada appointed Partner to Pipefy, the process automaton tool

Dada has built bespoke business applications and business intelligence solutions, using Microsoft technology. Now, having been appointed as Partner to Pipefy, we look forward to use Pipefy’s simple Kanban-style interface companies to achieve process excellence without the need for IT, technical skills or professional services.

Dada understands that every business is unique and it’s the uniqueness of a company’s processes that drives their competitive advantage. Pipefy is a cloud-based business process management platform that empowers managers to build and execute any type of workflow.

Dada will use Pipefy’s fully customizable platform to help helps Dada’s customers attain higher levels of productivity and efficiency by setting clear execution standards for every step of each process. Essentially to use Pipefy to deliver high value applications at low cost to our customers.

By automating workflows your team can focus on the work, rather than the processes that support them. They’re more agile. They spend less time on repetitive work and more on their expertise. Critical hand-offs happen when and how they should. With process analytics, your team can monitor, analyse, and react to the data behind processes. They can respond faster to customer needs and market conditions.

About Pipefy

Pipefy was founded in 2014 by Alessio Alionço, a former mergers and acquisitions consultant. He had experienced deep frustration with the inflexibility, poor user experience, and cost of the tools available for ensuring process execution while combining the business operations of two companies.

Since then the platform has grown rapidly, fueled by an intense market desire for better solutions to manage business processes and automation. Pipefy is now used in over 150 countries by leading enterprises such as Accenture, Visa, GE, Volvo, AB InBev, and Telefonica

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