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DADA-image-strip_4Customisable Excellence For Less:

An offer for a free audit and project analysis

Are you planning a project now or in the near future?

Dada Enterprises cuts the costs and risks of major engineering and complex IT projects, to deliver strategic and technical support direct to your in-house team through an affordable monthly plan with service guaranteed. Our business consulting covers the areas of Change Management, Portfolio Management, Program Leadership, Enterprise Project Delivery and ERP Systems Integration.

Watch our short video to see how if you do choose Dada, we can help you resolve the key challenges – from feasibility, design and contract administration to final completion and handover.

Project delays, extra costs and financial penalties. Are these the inevitable CAPEX/OPEX costs you have to budget for when managing complex engineering projects, or managing very material-intensive and cost-intensive manufacturing and logistics operations involving multiple subcontractors and various disciplines? Do you have R&D projects with long lifetimes, characterised by big investments and strategic portfolio management across distributed locations?

“Per the Standish Group Reports1, only 32% of IT projects are successful and 20% of the features / functions delivered are used regularly.”

Now you can benefit from a free audit and analysis to deal with these issues addressed from the start. And you can either use the report internally, with another consultancy, or with us. It is your choice. You will receive a comprehensive assessment on the key dimensions of your project allowing you to scope out the project and key issues. Equipping you at a personal level to deal with the change from the outset.

Contact us and following a summary high-level assessment of the key dimensions of your project you’ll get

CIO Practice_iconProject Charter to enable you to scope out the project, and identify  and conceptualise the key issues:-

  • check if your systems and processes are up to date,
  • benchmark your performance against competitors,
  • identify areas of uncertainty, before it becomes a problem,
  • get reassurance about the timeline – and likely fate of a potential project.

construction_icon An Action Plan, so you know:-

  1. this is what a potential project could look like”,
  2. these are the underlying problems we found in your business”,
  3. these are the planned actions that we can take forward and do

Can you afford not to know your choices and options for saving money and completing on time?

Next step: Contact us today to arrange a call. We will then organise a meeting or Skype call to review the audit and how it can help your organisation.

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